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Non Surgical Feminization

Micro Feminization explained

MICROFEMINIZATION® created by April’s ToucH

Transforming the male aspects of the face and body into feminine beauty.

MICROFEMINIZATION® is a unique combination of cosmetic, medical and aesthetic refined pigmentation of the skin.  It was specifically developed to feminize the features of the face and body. Following extensive consultation you will be offered refined definition of the feminine shapes and lines, ensuring a more naturally feminine look.

Our consultant will provide a service tailored to your individual needs, while also helping you to manage your expectations.

After undergoing surgery April’s ToucH MICROFEMINIZATION® gives you the opportunity to further enhance your feminine appearance while also helping to build your confidence in the way you look.


MICROFEMINIZATION® was developed by Lisa LeFever and Irma Hulscher.
MICROFEMINIZATION® is only available at April’s ToucH. Ensuring the highest quality of care and personal attention.


April’s ToucH works closely with the world leading Facial Team and values their professional opinion. Therefore on occasion we may advise our clients to attend a consultation in tandem with the Facial Team.


April’s ToucH has clinics throughout  Europe, USA and Australia, providing MICROFEMINIZATION® treatments. Contact us to book an appointment at your most convenient location.