Non Surgical Feminization

Micro Feminization explained


Transforming the male aspects of the face and body into feminine beauty.


MICROFEMINIZATION® is the combination of cosmetic, medical and aesthetic refined pigmentation of the skin with the aim to feminize the features of your body and face. It ensures personal attention, extensive consultation and refined definition of the feminine shapes and lines of face and body. April’s ToucH knows how to give you a feminine but natural look and your consultation will manage your expectations. Just like all women, you need to realize that to look really good, you will have to invest some time in yourself every morning. Our aim is to let you feel more confident in putting on your make-up and show you what gives you an outstanding appearance without lots of make up.


MICROFEMINIZATION® is developed by Lisa LeFever and Irma Hulscher.
MICROFEMINIZATION® is only available at Aprils ToucH. Ensure yourself of the highest quality and personal attention.


Aprils ToucH works closely together with Facial Team and values their professional opinion. Therefore on occasion Aprils Touch advises her clients to go for a consultation with Facial Team first.


Aprils ToucH travels around Europe for MICROFEMINIZATION® treatments. Check our calendar to book an appointment at your most convenient location.